Repeated head injuries highlight gaps in sports concussion management

by Sam • 25th June 2014 • AFL, Coaching, Concussion, Sports Science

By Bradley Partridge Jonathan Brown is not the only professional football player to recently retire because of head injuries Brisbane Lions champion Jonathan Brown’s premature exit from the AFL this week after suffering yet another concussion was in many ways unsurprising. His friends and fans describe him as a “warrior” who is “hard as nails”, […]

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On the ball: does the AFL need to design a better footy?

by Sam • 22nd May 2014 • AFL, Innovation, Sports Science, Technology

In the game of Australian Rules Football (as with other football codes), few pieces of equipment are more important than the football itself. And yet the relative attention paid to the ball by the AFL is quite at odds with the equipment’s importance and the amount of money the league turns over. In fact, it’s […]

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